About Us

To look after our clients money and future wealth by advising them on planning financially for the future. We offer a professional, friendly and personal service tailored to your individual financial needs.

Receiving correct and appropriate financial advice tailored to your needs is imperative in ensuring successful financial planning.

At Brookmans & Berkeley Wealth Ltd, we firmly believe it is vital that we build and maintain close long-term relationships. Not only does this enable a perfectly tailored approach to wealth planning and financial planning, it also helps ensures that we are able to assist clients with changes in their financial and personal circumstances and also with changes in legislation.

We have a long history in the financial services industry, helping guide and advise clients on the most suitable solutions to their goals.

We advise clients in establishing invaluable financial planning strategies. We are aware that regular meetings to maintain, update and review planning are crucial to our role and clients’ best interests.

Here at Brookmans and Berkeley Wealth Ltd we understand that everyone’s financial needs are different. We also understand that in today’s hectic society very few people have the time or indeed the inclination to manage their financial affairs effectively. That’s hardly surprising as we live in a complex and fast-changing world. However, at one time or another most of us will need to seek financial advice.

We do not provide off the shelf solutions, but we offer the benefit of a single relationship for all of your financial planning needs. We strive to offer the very best service to develop a long term relationship with you.

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